Wednesday, April 6, 2022

today. the discovery institute in Marlboro New Jersey.

today. the discovery institute in Marlboro New Jersey. 

same day.

It says day 3 but dated the 11th. Time doesn't e it here. 

12.17. the pills started working.

Notice the hand writing decline as the dates continue.  

In the last post I mention someone like me a criminal. He was held in a 30 day program for I BELIEVE 6 months. If it's not true why did I see it. We had a laugh during some program where we hade to role play as husbands.

I've heard he's now passed, I hope not. 

Friday, March 18, 2022



As these test come back negative, but then in the following line become positive for 3 different drugs, isnt it wild.  I believe I was kept in a racket of institutional and medicinal manipulation and abuse.  I only signed the letter R, inside all these days, all these pills all this intentional emotional uncertanitity of your living situation, all of it.

I was not addicted to drugs. I was not ill. Big bad me, I called my mother a cunt. All of this nonsense has caused a life time of trauma and consequence. 

Make it make sense.   

12.27 , the order of events no longer are clear.